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General Nathan Bedford Forrest
"The most remarkable man our Civil War produced on either side." General William Tecumseh Sherman.
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As a Memphis alderman, N. B. Forrrest voted against secession. When Tennessee voted to secede anyway he held true to his state. He was the only soldier to start as a private and end as a general.

Tennessee sent 100,000 men to fight for the Union and 100,000 to fight for the Confederacy. Tennessee was brutally torn, having more battles than any state except Virginia.

And with all this, and so much more, Tennessee became the most fascinating state in the Civil War.

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On January 5, 1861 The Nashville Daily Gazette ran this headline:
"The people of the South are preparing for their next highest duty– resistance to coercion or invasion."
Tennessee's Ordinance of Secession
And soon began The War. Tennessee was the last state to secede, leaving on xxx. It provided xxxx men for the Confederacy and xxxx for the Union. It was the most divided state on either side, and with the exception of Virginia, had more battles. More than 64,000 Confederate soldiers and 59,000 Union soldiers died in Tennessee.
On January 31, 1855, The Memphis Daily Eagle and Enquirer ran this headline:
"Liberty and Union Now and Forever, One and Inseperable."